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People share their thoughts and experiences of Ian and his music:

“Ian has been a major contributor to the success of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band over the years. What sets him apart from others is that Ian always has the ultimate bagpipe sound in his mind before proceeding to other issues.”
Terry Lee, Pipe Major of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, Five-time world champions.

"Playing with Ian over the short period of a few weeks in 1999 had a huge impact on my playing, my ear and my attitude towards the instrument. He has an amazing gift for setting up a great pipe corps, both musically and tonally. His ear for super fine adjustments and his knowledge of cane reeds gives him incredible control over the instruments. He is definitely one of the most talented people I know."
Pipe Sergeant Matt MacIsaac

"If you are looking for the best tone and expression in the world you need not look any further than Ian Whitelaw. During the period he worked with my band we set at the top of our grade for two years and traveling to Scotland for the first time we took 2nd in the Worlds in 3A. Although we didn't take 1st, the RSPBA moved us to Grade 2 regardless. We owe this all to him!"
Kevin Blandford, Pipe Major, R.P.Blandford & Son Pipe Band

"Ian Whitelaw was instrumental in leading the Alameda County Sheriff's Grade II Pipe Band to their 2nd place finish at the 1999 World Championships. Ian is a terrific player and instructor. He is the major of Tone City!"
Helen Gladden

"Ian has earned an international reputation for being 'THE Sound Man' when it comes to pipe bands - traveling far and abroad to work with various groups, the success of the bands he has worked with will no doubt speak for themselves. Although I played with Ian for only a short period, it was during that time that he had a very positive influence on both my music and approach to the instrument. Ian has a knack (some might say a gift) for setting up a GREAT sound - second to none. Ian perhaps summed it up best with: 'Welcome to Tone City'!"
Sean Somers - Principle Bagpiping Instructor, College of Piping (PEI)

"This school provided a minimum of a year's worth of world-class instruction on piobaireachd-playing as well as Ceol Beag.  I have been playing the pipes for 20 years and have competed as a soloist for 19 years. I have also attended other piping schools. I have found that it is rare to find instruction that is applicable to one's entire style and repertoire.  However, this school provided just that type of instruction!  I have been able to apply the principles taught at the school to not only the myriad of tunes that were taught at the school, but also to all of my preexisting tunes as well as new ones. I now have the knowledge and skills to approach any type of tune with confidence using a pragmatic, consistent approach that is relatively easy to apply. In my opinion this is a combination of teaching/learning goals that is very difficult to achieve; especially in a one-week course. Mr. Whitelaw and Mr. Henderson achieved it with their expertise, patience, and ability to explain music theory, Scottish piping idiom, piobaireachd interpretation, as well as one's overall approach to tune-learning and practicing.  And of course, everyone in the course walked away from it with a professionally set-up set of pipes with other-worldy tone. Big stuff. I recommend this course to anyone truly interested in improving his/her piping.” 
Melissa Bautz, Lander, Wyoming  

"My wedding was something I planned in my thoughts since I was a little girl. It had to have the 'special' quality that would match my girlhood 'dream'. I wanted romance, excitement, fun and wonderment. Ian's music was perfect! It was everything I had hoped for. I will never forget that moment I stepped onto the aisle and the music began."
Erin (a bride)

"My wife and I got married with bagpipes and our daughter, Elaine wanted to follow our tradition. Ian was so good, his music was absolutely beautiful and it made us remember our ceremony - even after thirty nine years. We wish Ian had been around to play for ours!"
Frank (a father of the bride)

"We chose Ian to play at our wedding from the referral of an out of town friend. He was willing to travel up to Portland so our dreams could be fulfilled. He was such a pleasure to work with. So Professional!"
Tina and Brad

"I really appreciated the way Ian accommodated my daughter with her musical requests. There was so much to plan and he made it much easier. He even helped us with some good ideas for the wedding ceremony. And his music……it was incredible!!"
Helen (a mother of the bride)

"The bagpiper, Ian, had such presence. Our wedding was outdoors amongst flowers and trees. I felt like I was in a fairy tale when he appeared along the path and the music began."
Loreena and Michael (a bride and groom)

Telephone: (310) 528-1514
e-mail address: ian@aceltictraveler.com
Ian's studio is located in Redondo Beach, California

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Ian Whitelaw
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