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Music & Videos

Sound files that present some of Ian’s work:

1. Amazing Grace - From The General’s Daughter movie soundtrack

2. Scotland The Brave

3. Here Comes the Bride - Traditional wedding processional

4. Amazing Grace - A frequently requested tune, as played by a single set of bagpipes

5. The Angel’s Gathering - From Ian’s CD Angels From Atlantis

6. The Bard’s Lament - From Ian’s CD Angels From Atlantis

7. Nameless - One of the Craigich - Ian’s winning performance of the 2006 United States Gold Medal

8. The Lady - Meditation music, from Ian's CD of the same name. Available for $15.00

9. Shannon’s Lullaby - Slow Air

10. Orkney Wedding with Sunrise – Full Orchestra Piece

11. March, Strathspey and Reel - Features the tunes “Arthur Bignold," "John Roy Stewart," and "Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran"

12. Nameless: HiHarin Dro O Dro - Ian’s winning performance at the Angus MacDonald Competition

13. Nameless - A Lament - Ian's contribution to The Durfee Foundation Master Musician Fellowship 2008-2009 Music Sampler. A higher quality version is found on that CD.

14. Lord Lovat's Lament - A piobaireachd, the classical music of the pipes.


Video files that display some of Ian’s work:

Learn It In An Hour: Bagpipes (8 minutes):


Ian performing for his Week In Paradise students (6 minutes):


Amazing Grace stage performance with Ian’s Solo (5 minutes):


Ian plays a slow air (1 minute):


Ian's playing heard in “The Rundown” starring Christopher Walken and The Rock (2 minutes):


Telephone: (310) 528-1514
e-mail address: ian@aceltictraveler.com
Ian's studio is located in Redondo Beach, California

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Ian Whitelaw
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