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Pipe Band Consultation

This is one of Ian's special gifts! He is known around the world as the quintessential expert on sound, having contributed to the great bands like Simon Fraser University, the current World Champions in Grade I, the highest level in the competition field. He brings forth his fabulous sound by using his experience, knowledge, special tools and expertise.

What is most amazing about Ian's work in this area is his intuitive sense and innate ability to recognize with a band's music what most cannot detect. After immediately seeing what is needed he is able to make the necessary adjustments which result in a transformed, prize winning, phenomenal sounding band. Ian works respectfully with each band, honoring their structure and leadership. He travels to the band working closely within the framework of the band's goals, objectives, performances and competitions.

“Ian has been a major contributor to the success of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band over the years. What sets him apart from others is that Ian always has the ultimate bagpipe sound in his mind before proceeding to other issues.”
Terry Lee, Pipe Major of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, Five-time World Champions.

"If you are looking for the best tone and expression in the world you need not look any further than Ian Whitelaw. During the period he worked with my band we set at the top of our grade for two years and traveling to Scotland for the first time we took 2nd in the Worlds in 3A. Although we didn't take 1st, the RSPBA moved us to Grade 2 regardless. We owe this all to him!"
Kevin Blandford, Pipe Major, R.P.Blandford & Son Pipe Band

Ian is no stranger to group performances.

Telephone: (310) 528-1514
e-mail address: ian@aceltictraveler.com
Ian's studio is located in Redondo Beach, California

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Ian Whitelaw
Master Bagpiper for Weddings, Funerals, Performances, Teaching, Instruction, and all occasions.