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Ian and his Music

See Ian's World Championship Performance with the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.

Ian's Music CDs: Now for Sale!

Ian’s Original and Traditional Music

“Angels From Atlantis” - Only $10!
This music has been described as “a beautiful piece of work” and “the Enya of Bagpipes.”

“The Lady”
Based on a classical, traditional bagpipe piece adapted and arranged for spiritual relaxation and meditation.

“The Breath of Calm”
Original musical composition without bagpipes designed for ‘going within.’

Hear samples of Ian's playing on the Music Downloads page.

Ian’s Articles

Ian also writes and lectures about his instrument.

"Novelty Anyone?" was published in Piper and Drummer magazine. This article reflects on the public perception of the instrument and the role poor piping plays in contributing to it.

"Drone Sound" discusses the power of the drone of the bagpipes.

"Opening the Doorway" talks about connecting to the "source" of music.

Telephone: (310) 528-1514
e-mail address: ian@aceltictraveler.com
Ian's studio is located in Redondo Beach, California

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Ian Whitelaw
Master Bagpiper for Weddings, Funerals, Performances, Teaching, Instruction, and all occasions.